'I kept trying to spit sand and dirt out of my mouth-it was horrible'

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - As if running a triathlon isn't hard enough it was made even harder for athletes in Boise Thursday night.

Strong gust of winds made it hard to do the biking part of the race. It got so bad organizers had to cancel the swimming portion after only a few heats. The wind blew the buoys out of place, and swimmers reported being blown off course.

The wind also kicked up a lot of dust which was taking its toll on athletes as the race wore on - including people such as David Gettle who came all the way from Weiser to take part.

"It was tough - I kept trying to spit sand and dirt out of my mouth it was horrible," said Gettle.

Many we talked with said the race was still a lot of fun. Most like it because it's short enough to still be competitive for some, and a fun challenge for others.

The strong winds still affected most racers times. Not just because of the conditions, but what it did to the course.

"Slower than I've been before, but my shoes blew away," said Kevin Everett of Boise. "So when I got here to get my shoes they were gone so I spent a minute maybe looking for my shoes."

Many who finished also didn't get their times right away because the wind affected some of the equipment. Race times are tracked by satellite so the wind was affecting equipment on the ground.