'I just hope they can get it they can have a place to live again'

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Fire crews worked all through the morning hours, after flames sent two people to the hospital.

The fire sparked just before midnight on West Hallmark Court, near Hill Road.

"It appeared the fire started on the back side of the house, because of propane tanks that had caught fire, it worked up the side of the house, got into the attic and from there just kept running the attic," said Chief LaBour with the Boise Fire Department.

Within minutes, the entire neighborhood was outside -- hoping everyone was okay.

"I just got a little worried because you never know what can happen with a fire, it could spread over the whole neighborhood," said Allyson Dutra who lives nearby.

Because of how fast house fires can spread, crews evacuated the home the next door.

Boise Fire says: this accident could have prevented.

"It appears that the owner had barbecue with charcoal yesterday, rightly put the ashes in a metal container, thinking that by letting them sit overnight, they would go out," said Chief LaBour.

But the chief says, embers can sit in ashes for days.

"Not knowing this he poured those embers into a plastic garbage can, caught the garbage can on fire, the garbage can got the propane tanks going and from there it went up into the house," he said.

The couple inside was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation, but they are expected to be okay.

Boise Fire says: their house isn't a total loss but there is a substantial amount of damage.

"I just hope they can get it fixed and get their house back to normal again, so they can have a place to live again," said Dutra.

Although the neighboring home was evacuated, it was not damaged.