Hunters are on the hunt for ammo

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Hunting season is underway. But one thing that may slow things down is ammunition. Impact Guns says they're already finding some ammo very hard to find.

Cynthia Carrell says, "22 ammunition is very hard to come by. When I do, I try to put a one box limit on it. Kind of trying to hang on to it so that everyone can get some."

There are other options like buying online but hunters say if you can find it on the web by the time you pay insurance and shipping it may be costly. "Unless you can reload your own, your spending more say in September and October for duck hunting shells than you would if you bought them in the middle of June," Dane Johns said.

Dane says that most of the talk about the government limiting bullets and magazines doesn't apply to hunting and this misconception may be causing the run on ammo. "So if everybody just calms down a little bit, hunters who are trying to get bullets to go hunting with, wouldn't be in such a pinch."