Hundreds of students will support Saeed Abedini at vigil today

BOISE (KBOI) -- A vigil will be held today at noon for the one year anniversary of the Iran imprisonment of local pastor, Saeed Abedini.

Community members in support of freeing Abedini will meet on The Capitol's steps and attendees include hundreds of students from one local school.

David Goodwin, Headmaster of the Ambrose School of Meridian, said students have been praying for Saeed for longer than his case has been in the media and they are very excited to attend the vigil.

"Tt was an important thing to us to make a showing as a part of the community," Goodwin said. "For us it's more of a prayer vigil around the Christian community, with the Christian community, for a brother who is being persecuted."

Students from grades two through 12 will be in attendance.

A year ago today, Iranian officials threw the Boise pastor into a prison known for its violence and in January, they sentences him to serve eight years.

His wife, Nahgmeh, is now traveling the country trying to garner support for her husband's release.

The Ambrose students will be led to the vigil by Thomas Velasco, a close friend of the Abedini family and a member of their local church.

Velasco said Saeed's imprisonment has been a large stress on him and members of the church.

"The hope is that international pressure will be put upon Iran and they'll let him go," Velasco said. "So, that's really our goal, we just want him to come home."