Hundreds of airmen return to Mountain Home after deployment

MOUNTAIN HOME, Idaho (KBOI) - A few hundred airmen are back on American soil after a six-month deployment in the Middle East.

"After not seeing him for a while, I just really want to have him home and give him a hug," said Susan Riley, who met her husband on the flight line when he got out of a fighter jet at Mountain Home Air Force Base.

The Thunderbolts arrived in about 12 jets, and two larger planes arrived later Saturday.

"We're going to spend some time camping, enjoying Idaho and the outdoors," said Joel Meyers, commander of the 389th Fighter Squadron. "Maybe do a little hunting with my older kids. We've been where it's pretty warm, so it's nice to be where it's in the mid-60s."

Many families had been apart since April.

"It was a long day," said Rebecca Rivinius, the wife of a returning airman. "I did not sleep last night, and I didn't want to tell my boys until right when we were leaving the house that daddy was coming home because I know jets can get delayed and all that, so I wanted to wait till the last possible moment."

Some of the airmen returned Thursday, and the rest arrived Saturday.