Hundreds hit the streets supporting equality on MLK Day

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Around 200 Boise community members and Boise State Students marched down Capitol Blvd to honor Martin Luther King, Jr. and support a range of equality rights.

"Two, four, six, eight, Idaho doesn't hate!"

That was just one of the chants heard as MLK supporters made their way to The Capitol. The public has been marching from BSU to the Capitol for 10 years.

"Everyone here is marching for a different reason," said Maliaun Danclar, a spokeswoman for BSU's MLK committee.

For two hours before the march, the public was invited to make signs, showing what they were marching for. Many signs were plastered with Martin Luther King, Jr. quotes. Others were individual ideas supporting principles like marriage and race equality.

"People should be treated as an individual, rather than what label somebody might want to put on them," said William Crowder, a BSU student.

Maliaun Danclar said it's important to have a large, vocal crowd walking down the streets in order to push for change.

"When you see a group of 200, 300 so people marching down the street, you're going to stop, you're going to look, you're going to wonder why are they doing this," said Danclar.