Human Trafficking An Issue In Idaho

Boise, Idaho ( KBOI ) It's a problem we don't hear about much, that doesn't mean human trafficking isn't happening.Boise detectives are holding seminars like this throughout the Treasure Valley to make Idahoans aware that sex trafficking is a problem right here at home.Det. Tim Brady, Boise Police Department says, "this is not a crime that's advertised and it's very black market and people are very surprised that it is happening in this kind of community."Brady works to stop sex crimes in our area. He says prostitution isn't easy to see in Idaho because there aren't a lot of big cities and even Boise, the biggest, is kept very clean without much crime visible on the streets.But.... "every hotel in this city has it happening whether they realize it or not..... It happens in hotels, it happens in private homes, strip clubs," adds Brady.That's why officers are teaming up to deliver the message that we have a growing problem....and to offer information about what to look for.Brady says, "we don't have victims knocking down our doors to report this....cover....the more people that are aware, and then they can report it to somebody, is one step closer we can take to helping that victim out of that situation."