How to talk your way out of a ticket

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Whenever drivers are pulled over by police for doing something wrong, like speeding. There are a few tips that could make the difference in getting a warning instead of a ticket.

During a ride along with Trooper Kenny Walker of the Idaho State Police, we saw several people pulled over for a variety of reasons. Every time an officer pulls you over, it's up to them if you get a citation. Officers say the best way avoid a ticket is to not speed in the first place, but if you do get pulled over here are a few tips that could increase your odds of getting just a warning.

1. Be polite. There is no point in arguing a ticket on the spot that's what court is for. Trooper Walker said they are just doing their job.

"Even though it may not seem like it at the time it's a customer service type thing we are there to answer any question you may have," said Walker.

2. Don't give excuses. Officers have heard them all so the best advise is just to be honest. Police aren't out to get you they want to make sure you practice safe driving habits.

While you maybe able to avoid a speeding ticket there are some things officers have zero tolerance for. Walker said he doesn't give warnings to those without insurance because he feels they are putting others at risk.

Even if you do end up getting a citation it's possible to fight it in court and win. Depending on the county you receive the ticket you may be able to work with the prosecutor to see if they have a deferment program. That way it won't go on your record.