How old can a tire be before a shop won't repair it?

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Following a Truth Squad report involving tires, many viewers wanted to know when a tire shop can refuse to repair a tire. As it turns out, it can vary shop to shop.

While there are no specific laws in place for when a tire can be repaired, nearly all shops follow industry standards which say too much wear or damage to the side wall means you have to replace it.

Many shops vary when it comes to the age requirements of a tire.

Shops such as Firestone and Commercial Tire have policies not to mount a tire that is 10 years or older -- although Commercial Tire might make exceptions in some cases.

Manager Mick Alley of Big O Tire in downtown Boise said they do it on a case by case basis. While they don't have an age requirement, they do suggest replacing after a certain time period.

"You know you go off of a rule of anything over seven years old we are going to really scrutinize that tire, and probably not install it," Alley said.

Les Swab told us they don't have any age standards and determine the ability to repair a tire on a case by case basis.

They noted that a 12-year study was inconclusive on how much of a factor age is on the wear of a tire, and if their should be an age limit as an industry standard.

All of the shops KBOI talked with suggest getting tires inspected more often if they are older than five years.