How did a truck end up in this tree?

SHERWOOD, Ore. - Firefighters and a towing company removed an empty truck from a tree Sunday morning, but they're still confused about how it got there.

They found the truck 10 feet off the ground near Highway 99 and Middleton Road, southwest of Sherwood.

Firefighters said the truck had been empty for some time, and there were no signs that the driver was thrown from the truck or injured in the crash.

The woman who was driving the truck showed up while the truck was being removed from the tree. She told firefighters she was not hurt in the crash. The specific details of how her truck ended up so high in the tree are still unclear.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office cited her for failing to perform the duties of a driver because she didn't immediately report the crash. Her name has not been released.

Someone called 911 at 7:30 a.m. to report the truck. A Portland General Electric crew helped with the truck removal because the tree was near some power lines.