House, Senate education committee hearings scrapped

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Plans for public hearings Monday morning by the Senate and House education committees are now on hold as lawmakers continue to work to craft a new public schools budget.

The $1.3 billion public schools budget for fiscal year 2014 passed the House but was killed by one vote in the Senate Wednesday, the fatal blow delivered by senators convinced the budget ran roughshod over policy and paid teachers too much at the expense of school operations.

The do-over process was to include bringing the House and Senate education committees into the Lincoln Auditorium at the Statehouse Monday morning at 8 o'clock for separate but simultaneous public hearings.

But the secretary for the Senate Education Committee says those hearings are on hold for now.

And the Spokesman-Review's Betsy Russell reports Sen. John Goedde, chair of the Senate Education Committee, made the announcement late Thursday afternoon via e-mail.

"It appears that the ideas being developed for the germane committee work and public input are not yet seasoned enough to be heard," Goedde said in an email, according to Russell, a veteran statehouse journalist. "The meeting I announced in the Senate Education Committee this afternoon has been cancelled for the present."