House kills bid to create account to kill wolves

BOISE, Idaho (AP) House lawmakers voted 35-33 against shifting money from hunting licenses to compensate ranchers for livestock losses and fund state efforts to kill wolves.

Thursday's narrow rejection came after the Idaho Department of Fish and Game raised objections along with hunters and outfitters.

Rep. Judy Boyle, a Midvale Republican and ardent wolf foe, sought to hike wolf hunting tags by to $15 for residents, up $5.25, and $188.25 for non-residents, up $4.

From each license, Boyle then wanted to shift $8 into a "Wolf Depredation Account."

Half its proceeds would have gone to wolf control, half to livestock owners who lost animals to wolf attacks.

But Rep. Marc Gibbs, a former Idaho Fish and Game commissioner, said hunters worried about the poor precedent set by using hunting-tag revenue to reimburse ranchers.