House committee moves another firearms bill forward

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- A day after the Idaho House of Representatives passed the controversial guns on campus bill, another bill involving firearms is headed to the House floor.

But this one comes with far less debate, and -- so far -- unanimous support.

It took the House State Affairs Committee about 15 minutes Friday to vote without opposition to send Senate Bill 1332 (already unanimously passed by the Senate) to the full House.

Sponsors of the bill say it would shield rank-and-file state and local cops from any federal order to take guns away from law-abiding Idahoans.

"The purpose is to put a chilling impact on the desire to seize lawfully held firearms," said Sen. Steve Vick, (R) Dalton Gardens, who presented the bill to the House committee

The guilty culprits would be those state or local cops in command who try to enforce any directive from the United States government to confiscate legally-owned firearms in Idaho.

First offense is a civil penalty and a thousand dollar fine; second offense, a misdemeanor crime.

We asked Sen. Vick, the sponsor of the bill, if he was aware of any specific incident or example in the United States where this had actually happened and he said no.

So why is this legislation necessary?

"It's preemptive," said Sen. Vick.

Concern about a federal assault on the right to keep and bear arms surfaced frequently during the guns on campus debate in the Idaho legislature.

But even some opponents of the guns on campus bill are in favor of Senate Bill 1332 which is a less harsh version of a bill that failed last session.

"So this one takes away that punitive nature, and upholds what the second amendment is meant to do in Idaho and I'm supportive of that," said Rep. Holli Woodings, (D) Boise.