Hot tubs in the hills? Foothills garbage gets ridiculous

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The foothills are beautiful this time of year, but some people just don't appreciate them. It is not hard to find trash, just head up 8th Street or Rocky Canyon Road and you will find beer cans, refrigerators, even hot tubs!

"They're usually pushing it off the hillside so you got to pull that stuff up steep hillsides to get it to the vehicle that you are hauling it off with." says Bart Johnson, Ridge to Rivers Crew Chief.

His job is to keep the trails in good shape, and to sometimes build new ones. His job is NOT to pick up your garbage, but just the same every Friday he and his crew spend the day doing just that.

"People will dump it and either they will shoot it up or somebody following them will shoot it up and so it becomes many pieces instead of one piece," says Johnson.

Over the years they have found ATM's, TV's, washing machines, and camper shells out here. Junk is not attractive to look at, and it could potentially harm the plants and animals that live there.

So if you're going to make the effort to drive into the foothills to dump your garbage, at least do it at landfill.

If you know of anybody or if you see anybody dumping trash, you are encouraged to call BLM law enforcement. Dumpers can be fined anywhere from $250 to $1,000 plus charged the cost of removing their garbage.