Homeowner did everything right to save home

BLAINE COUNTY, Idaho (KBOI ) -- Firefighters attacking the Colorado Gulch Fire near Hailey are praising one homeowner in Blaine County for doing everything right to save his home and keep fire crews safe.

"What I'm showing behind myself is a perfect example of homeowner responsibility," Wood River Fire Department Chief Bart Lassman said.

Chief Lassman said the homeowner helped keep firefighters safe while they fought flames around his home by building his house with material that wouldn't catch fire very easily and keeping a well maintained, short cut lawn.

"We've got siding on the house that's made of stucco and instead of a wood shake roof, he's got a metal roof," Chief Lassman said. "We even have a stone veneer wall, that's out here that could deflect some of the heat."

The grass is cut at least 30 feet in all directions around his home, creating a defensible space for crews to work. That's something that the Lassman says is crucial in areas that are prone to wildfires.

"If you're living in an area like this people have to take the responsibility on themselves," Chief Lassman said. "They cannot just allow the fire department to come in here and just hope that they can protect their home."