Home on Myrtle St. demolished after fire

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - This morning a demolition crew took down what was left of a vacant house after it caught fire Friday. The vacant home caught fire yesterday morning at Myrtle and 4th streets. A structural engineer said it was too dangerous to leave standing.

The situation has delayed the investigation into the cause as investigators couldn't enter the badly damaged vacant home. Investigators will have to go through pieces of the corner house, where they believe the fire started.

Neighbors of the homes that caught fire are no strangers to drama on their street. The houses ignited just weeks after a jeep rammed into the corner house.

Patrick Wickman, who works across the street from the abandoned houses, referred to the area as "the unluckiest block in Boise."

Wickman says no one in the neighborhood will be sad to see them go.

"They just look like they're ready to fall down." Wickman said, "I don't think anyone's lived in them, and its always been an eyesore going down myrtle looking at them when we drive by."

Though the homes have caused a lot of trouble for firefighters, Wickman says he and everyone else on this street welcome the change.

"I think it can only be an improvement for the neighborhood," he told KBOI 2News, "They don't bring any value, so hopefully something new can get built there, and either a residential or commercial development would come in."