Home construction jobs see an uptick locally

MERIDIAN, Idaho (KBOI) -Contractors have seen an increase in the amount of new homes being built in the Treasure Valley. So much in fact, some have to turn down jobs being offered.

This comes just as national numbers show that unemployment for the construction industry is at 10.8 percent, which is the lowest it's been in 5 years.

Construction companies have also had to hire more people just to keep up, but some are trying to keep the expansion under control. Joel Root of DBC building & Design says they had to lay people off when the housing bubble burst. He says while they are hiring more, they want to make sure they take jobs they can sustain over time.

"I think everybody has kind of learned their lesson with that last boom that we don't want the company to grow too much," said Root. "We do care about our employees and we don't want to let people off. We do have families to feed."

While the numbers for workers aren't has high as during the housing boom, contractors hope it will continue to have a steady uphill climb.

One of the factors also pushing people to build is the lack of homes on the market. That has been caused by people holding on to homes waiting for prices to go up.

Along with those who have rented for some time, but are now looking to get in while loan and home prices are still low.