Home and car burglaries tend to go up in summer

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - With the hot weather, many people leave windows open in both their cars and homes in order to stay cool. That's one of the things that normally leads to a spike in burglaries.

Across the country thefts go up because burglars have an easier time breaking into homes and vehicles. Police say just making sure to lock up windows and doors before you leave can make all the difference.

In Ada County, the number of summer home burglaries have stayed the same and even gone down over the last few years. Although deputies say they still see a high amount of valuables being taken from unlocked cars.

"If people will lock their cars and take their valuables out of the car then most vehicle thefts will be prevented," said Sgt. Patrick Schneider of Ada County Sheriffs. "People actually very rarely break into cars they check and see if it's unlocked, and if it's locked they will move on."

Sgt. Schneider also suggests taking all valuables out of your car or making sure they are not visible. In many cases thefts are a crime of opportunity and if a thief doesn't see anything of interest.