Hit the brakes! Morning commute backups will last couple of weeks

MERIDIAN, Idaho (KBOI) -- Commuters got used to hitting the brakes Thursday morning through Meridian on Interstate 84 eastbound.

That's because construction crews have five lanes cut down to three for a couple of weeks to improve the storm drain system in the area. Some drivers told KBOI it took an extra 45 minutes to get from Nampa to downtown Boise because of backups.

KBOI's traffic expert, Ron O'Brien from the 670 KBOI traffic center, said mornings are going to be rough like Thursday's traffic for several weeks.

"This morning, the first day, it slowed things up until well after nine," O'Brien said. "At one point, (there was) a six-mile slow down; it was taking a good 20 minutes just to get through that stretch alone."

O'Brien suggests leaving at least 20 minutes early for your morning commute if your route includes going through Meridian.

"The worst impact will be during morning traffic commute times, so during the late seven o'clock typically in through the 8 o'clock hour," O'Brien said.

Many drivers said they'll be more prepared.

"It always makes you late, but you just have to deal with it I guess," Caldwell resident, Mikey Newman said. "Boise's getting populated."