Historic restaurant wins appeal for beer & wine license

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The historic Hilltop Restaurant and Kodiak Grill will be able to serve beer and wine after the Ada County Commissioners approved an appeal for the new owners to get the proper license.

The three new owners plan to change the name to Hilltop Station, and they were thrilled after winning the appeal. Dozens of people showed up to voice their support saying the business was important because of its location on Highway 21.

It is the only restaurant between Boise and Idaho City along the highway - not to mention its close proximity to Lucky Peak Reservoir.

The law says anyone outside of city limits has to get approval from 75 percent of their neighbors to be approved for a beer and wine license. However, the business only has two neighbors and one said no. Because of the inability to get 75 percent, the commissioners originally denied them, but agreed to hear an appeal.

The one neighbor who did vote no said he did it because he had the right to, and still had some concerns. He said there were some former owners who concentrated more on serving beer and wine than the restaurant. That did cause some disturbances.

Now that the license has been approved, the owners will begin improvements on the restaurant. They hope to have it up and running within the next three months. Although the convenience store, also on site, could be open in the next couple of weeks.