High river flows hammer away at Boise Greenbelt

High flows on the Boise River have forced the city to close much of the Greenbelt. Only 11 miles of the 50 mile stretch are open in town. (KBOI photo)

The swollen Boise River continues to hammer away at the banks of the Greenbelt, and only eleven miles are all that remain open along the 50-mile stretch in town.

And the city is warning people to stay off the closed sections and away from the fast-moving river.

For how long has yet to be determined.

"It really just came down to safety," said Bonnie Shelton with Boise's Parks and Recreation Department. "First responders were concerned about people being along the river, and if there was a rescue situation would they be able to safely enter the water and get somebody out."

Already, chunks of the Greenbelt have eroded and fallen away from the riverbank, especially near Veterans Memorial Parkway.

The city says it's hard to judge right now just what the extent of the damage to the Greenbelt will be from all of this.

The key factor is how long the river will flow at these current levels -- or even higher.