'HEY!' Woman spots break-in, gets good look at burglary suspect

PORTLAND, Ore. - Juliann Peterson, 19, had already called police, but she wanted to see what the man who had just burglarized her home looked like, so she went outside the next-door neighbor's house where she was babysitting and got his attention.

"I don't know what to do. I can't go over and stop him and so I figured I would just call the police," she said.

Time went by and the suspect emerged from her home before police arrived. "I said, "I have to do something," so I walked out with the baby and I said "HEY!"" Peterson recalled.

That did the trick.

The suspect, who she said had a backpack, was dressed all in black and had taken his sunglasses off, turned to look at Peterson. "He turned around really quick and I got a good look at his face," she said.

Peterson said she had called police more than five minutes before after seeing the man talk on his cell phone then test the door handle on her Southwest Portland house. He then make his way inside.

After she got his attention, "he just bolted down the street south with the backpack," she said.

Peterson said their laptop computer, an iPad, jewelry, medications and other items were in that backpack. She said the suspect got away with about $3,000 in goods from her home, which was unoccupied while she was babysitting next door.

After police arrived, Peterson helped create a sketch of the suspect (above). The investigation into the burglary is ongoing.

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