Hey geese! Don't get cozy at Ann Morrison Park this winter

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Ann Morrison Park unleashed their annual off-leash programs for dogs on Friday.

This winter, dogs can run free in the east portion of the park from the fountain to the east boundary. It's an effort to keep the geese from getting too cozy this winter.

Geese fly south in the winter, but when they land in Boise parks, the city wants to make sure they don't stay for long. The city said geese droppings cause long term damage on the grass, and can also be a public safety hazard.

"They can make a mess," said Terry Lakey, who walks his dog in the park. "They're nice to watch in flight but on the ground they're kind of pesky."

That's where the off-leash program comes in. The program kicked off last year, and is designed to give your dog a little room to run, and hopefully run the geese out of town.

Lakey said for him and his dog, it's a win-win.

"This is really good for her to get to do the exercise out here,and hopefully do a service," Lakey said.

The city started this program after it tried to scare off the birds with decoy coyotes. That didn't work, but most people think because dogs have teeth, that this idea will.

"If you come out here in a few weeks the geese won't be here very much there will just be a few pockets of them," dog walker Bob Smith said. "I think the geese get to know what's going on, that if they come out here they'll get run off. The dog loves it though."

Smith said he likes the program because it allows him to get his exercise too. He says his dog is a natural at chasing geese.

"Out here, as long as there's some geese around he can run his heart out," Smith said.

The Thomas family said their dog isn't much of a hunting dog, but Cody certainly showed us that even he can do the trick with the geese.

"If they're afraid of the dogs this size then they'll pay attention when a bigger dog comes at them," Scott Thomas said.

The off-leash program will run through February 28, 2014. All of the rules and regulations with this program are posted on various signs around the park.