'He's the perfect example of somebody you'd want defending you'

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Linzi Andersen said she knew what she was signing up for when she married a man in the Army.

"Before we got married we had talked about 'this is the Army life are you ready for this?' And I said 'obviously, when you love somebody it doesn't matter. I want to do this I want to support you. I want to have a family,'" Linzi said.

She said, like anyone else, she always worried about her husband First Lieutenant Micah Andersen, but knew that he was where he needed to be.

"He takes the Army oath and he's a perfect example of somebody you'd want to be defending you," Linzi said. "He just takes it to heart."

Lt. Andersen was a Boise State graduate. The couple met at BSU and got married in July 2011. Micah was deployed for Afghanistan in 2012. Shortly after he left, Linzi found out she was pregnant.

"That was a little bit harder knowing that he was leaving and that I was expectant," Linzi said. "But we're pretty strong people, we know we can get through anything."

And life has put those words to the test for the Andersen family. Linzi had their son, Jay, in April. Micah wasn't able to be home for the birth, but still found a way to be right by Linzi's side.

"We actually did a Skype session," Linzi said. "He actually Skyped in for a lot of the birth."

Linzi says it was hard learning to be a mom without her husband's help, but that her son is strong willed, just like his dad.

"He takes after him," Linzi laughed.

Linzi said she and Micah would talk on the phone a couple of times a week to stay in touch. But just about a month after Jay was born, Linzi received a phone call she hoped she'd never get.

"I got a phone call from the Army saying that Micah had been hit with an IED and that he had lost both of his legs," Linzi said. "The only thing they could tell me was that he was alive."

While the Army and the family weren't sure whether Micah would make it home, he ultimately did. But the Lieutenant lost both of his legs. He also suffered through other pelvic injuries, and has been in the hospital fighting a life-threatening fungal infection.

It wasn't until the end of July, when Micah was out of the ICU, that he got to meet his son Jay.

"It was almost immediate after that after they met and got to see each other and just be with each other that he started to do amazing," Linzi said. "He just turned a corner and we haven't looked back since. That just gave him the extra thing that he needed to say 'OK' and keep pushing forward. He's a very strong person, has a very strong will, and he has a lot of life to live."

Linzi says the family expects Micah to be in the hospital through the end of 2013, but that they know not having legs won't stop him from walking. After he is out of the hospital, Linzi says he will start rehab treatment where he will learn to use his prosthetic legs.

He will spend that time at a Center for the Intrepid.

"My husband will fit right in and he will actually probably be a leader," Linzi said. "That's just how he is. He doesn't stop. It's very motivating to be around. He has such a great outlook on life.

And Linzi says she will be right by his side through all of it.

"Part of being an Army wife, at least for me, is that I'm a support for my husband," Linzi said.

She and her family say they know it will be a long road to recovery for Micah, but that they're taking it day by day...and appreciating each one.

"Life is precious," Linzi said. "I just have a really positive attitude. I mean, I have had my dark moments, but just being positive helps. So many people out there are supporting us and giving us positive thoughts and energy and praying, and I think that is what has helped get us through that dark spot."

Family and friends held a fundraiser for the couple and their family Thursday night from 6-10 p.m. at Dirty Little Roddy's in downtown Boise, to help the couple pay for future expenses.