Heating bills soar during freezing temps

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Intermountain Gas says the average heating bill in the Treasure Valley runs around $50, but with the recent cold temperatures you can expect to pay more.

"Having it is more important then if its up, say 10 percent," said Jerry Waller, a Boise resident. But it's more like 30 to 35 percent. That's how much more you can expect to pay than January of last year.

"Obviously we hear that is too much," said Byron Defenbach, Intermountain Gas spokesman.

One KBOI employee's December bill from Intermountain was about $66. The January statement, however, jumped to $128.

Defenbach says bills for this January could be higher than most.

"We had a much warmer than normal January a year a go and we've had a much colder January (this year), the weather has swung a wide amount," Defenbach said.

But that still doesn't make paying those bills any easier.

"My girls are really cold, so we walk around with big coats and all that on," said Jennifer Park Cox, a Boise resident.

If you do have trouble paying for your heating bill: A little bit of piece of mind, it won't get shut off.

"Idaho law doesn't allow us to turn off peoples heat, within qualifications during the winter months," Defenbach said.

Good news is ahead - February bills tend to be 25 percent less than January and December bills.