Healthcare law kicks off kid with illness

KUNA, Idaho (KBOI) - 14 year old Kaylee Pearson has Multiple Sclerosis. Her illness can drop her for several days. "One day I could be all up and happy and joyful, and the next day I can be lying in bed and not feeling good," Kaylee says.

Her family relied on Medicaid to help out with the MRI's, the checkups and prescriptions. In October the family was notified that because of new healthcare laws they no longer qualified for Medicaid.

Kaylees mom says they had huge medical expenses they had to take on themselves. One of Kaylee's medications cost $5,000. Doctor visits had to be put off and forget MRI's. "I had to cancel that appointment because the co pay was almost $900 and we don't have 900 extra dollars in our budget," Stephanie Pearson said.

Then Kaylee's mother says she found the Katy Beckett program that takes the child's income into consideration rather than the parents. It put her back on Medicaid for five more years. After that they're on their own again.