Hardware stores selling supplies quickly ahead of winter storm

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - From shovels to ice melt, everything is in high demand.

As the Treasure Valley braces for snow and tries to stay one step ahead of Mother Nature, hardware stores are working to stay two steps ahead of the storm.

Managers at D&B Supply on Overland tell KBOI the store has been a little busier the past couple of mornings, but that when the snow hits, they're expecting a rush of people to come scrounging for supplies.

"Last winter it was just a really cold winter and we were expecting that to continue this winter," department manager Terry Richmond said. "Fortunately it did. "We're selling a ton!"

Richmond says they've been selling things like shovels, sand and ice melt all winter long, but that in the past couple of days they've seen more people in the store stocking up on winter supplies.

"It stepped up just a little bit because any time it snows people are in here buying it right away," Richmond said.

Boise resident Risa Roe came in for a snow shovel. She says she's been keeping a close eye on the forecast this week and wanted to plan ahead, even if it was just for the simple things.
"If anyone has been watching the news or been alive the last couple days, we're expecting to have a huge storm so we definitely have to be prepared," Roe said.

D&B says shovels and sand are popular items for snow control. Their biggest seller though, has been ice melt.

"We just had a call from a guy a little while ago who I think is going to come in and buy 100 bags," Richmond said.

Orders like that, Richmond said, keeps D&B on their toes. But then again, so does the snow.

"If it continues to snow yea we'll be out there restocking everything all weekend long," Richmond said. "We keep our forklift pretty busy."

KBOI talked with other hardware and supply stores around the valley who say their sales have stayed pretty steady so far. However, most stores said they're expecting to see a rush when the snow hits.