Halloween on Harrison got a little scary

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - It's a Boise hot spot on Harrison during Halloween.

And this year was no different. Thousands of people stomped through the neighborhood on Harrison boulevard. Some houses outdid themselves causing kids to line up all the way out to the street.

Drew Forney says they put out about $200 worth of candy and they've got it down to a science as they keep count. "Last couple of years we've had close to three thousand, I think we're on pace for that tonight," Forney said.

But they weren't the only hot spots on Harrison. The police chief had his own trunk or treat going on, passing out candy from the back of his patrol car full of sweets on the street. "We have a trunk full of candy we've been about half way through it, the back seat still has candy in it. And we're having a good time," Chief Masterson said.

Boise police had to make one call during the night in the neighborhood, but no arrest.
"We had one incident were a car backed in to a lady we're looking for that particular car but given the number of people out here it's very safe and orderly," the chief said.