Hailey residents eager for news on Bowe: 'You have to have hope'

HAILEY, Idaho (KBOI) -- Just weeks after a video proved Bowe Bergdahl was still alive, residents in Hailey are more optimistic that talks are underway for his return.

No matter where you travel, support for Bowe is all around. The wear and tear on the yellow ribbons in honor of Bowe Bergdahl are a reminder of just how long the Hailey soldier has been held captive. But even after four and a half years, the spirit of those hoping for his safe return hasn't wavered.

He's not just in the thoughts of this hometown, but people from all around the country.

"I think everywhere people have not forgotten about him," said Annie Williams, a Hailey resident.

She says for many, the hardest times for his capture is when there's no news at all. For others, who knew Bowe, the last few years have been filled with mixed emotions.

"There has been anger, sorrow, and it's come to a point you just have to have hope," said Dakota King, another Hailey resident.

Dakota says her family knows the Bergdahls well and she used to do ballet with Bowe until he left to serve in the military. She says that's where she saw how kind and helpful he really was.

"After a show, I was waiting for my dad because we were greeting everyone after the show, and he picked me up and put me on my shoulders and went and found my dad with me," King said.

It's memories like that which keep spirits up as they hope and wait for his safe return.

Even though there have been setbacks in the past, when it comes to negotiations, with a war in Afghanistan coming to a close and renewed attention, many hope it will get things going in the right direction.