Hailey man gets creative to protect home from Beaver Creek fire

HAILEY, Idaho (KBOI) - The Beaver Creek fire has lots of homes in its path, and that leaves many people in Hailey preparing for the worst.

Mike Nathan owns a home right on the edge of the burning mountains in Hailey. So he put together a sprinkler system on top of his house, in hope of keeping it from burning if the fire comes close.

"Water puts out fire," Nathan jokes, "Basic chemistry, right?"

He is drenching his roof to protect from embers that could fly near his home.

He says he doesn't feel threatened by the fire just yet, but will be careful.

"If I felt that the fire was closer, I would abandon ship," he says.

And he's prepared to do so. He's already removed all of his valuables from the house and has a full tank of gas in case he needs to go quickly. But most importantly, he's staying very optimistic.

"If it burns after I've done everything," he says, "I have house insurance, and I get a brand new house."