Guns on Campus law will cost BSU millions in enhanced security

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- The Countdown is on to July 1, the day Idaho's new law goes into effect, allowing concealed carry on state-owned colleges and universities.

The biggest expense facing Boise State University is to double its unarmed security force to about 18 people and then ultimately train them to to use and carry weapons but not right away.

"I think the goal is to take some time over the course of three to five years in training security officers," said Hahn.

Hahn figures the training, salaries and benefits for the armed security guards could cost around a million dollars.

And he says add another $500,000 for ballistic vests, electronic wands and metal detectors

The new law does not allow people to carry concealed weapons in to venues that seat a thousand people or more, like the Morrison Center.

(Oh, by the way, Greg Allman is playing the Morrison Center on July First, the day the new law goes into effect.)

And on July First, students can expect to see signs explaining where concealed weapons are not allowed (dormitories, for example). And remember, BSU already has a fine armed security force at its disposal -- the Boise Police Department.

And one rule will remain the same: students are asked to immediately report any gun they see on campus.