Gun Show Draws Big Crowd

Emmett, Idaho - A building at the Gem County Fairgrounds was packed Saturday for the Old Geezers Gun Show.

"It was like this when it opened up and it hasn't stopped," said John Wrobel.

Politics has been the driving force behind record breaking attendance at gun shows across the nation.

"I think they are just afraid the government is going to take away their guns, they want to get ready and prep, and have something before they are not available any more," said Kevin Richards.

Richards says he understands why many people are nervous about new laws restricting guns.

"The idiots are always going to have the guns and the private citizen is worried they wont be able to get one to protect themselves, that's basically what it's all about," said Richards.

All of that is leading to more demand and higher prices. One gun seller says he's seen prices of some items triple in the last three weeks.

Nila Huskey bought an older model pump gun at the gun show. She says she's not worried about losing her right to bear arms.

"I think we will still be able to have guns, I think that second amendment thing is pretty strong, we'll be OK," said Huskey.

The gun show will continue Sunday. Tickets are $3.