Guilty plea in months-long custody battle over Ore. dog

CORVALLIS, Ore. (AP) - The saga of a husky-shepherd dog so nice that two people contended over him for months appears to have ended in a Corvallis, Ore., courtroom.

College student Jordan Biggs pleaded guilty Friday to misdemeanor second-degree theft.

The Oregonian reports that if she completes the terms of her plea agreement - including admitting in writing that Sam Hanson-Fleming of Portland is the owner - a judge will dismiss her case.

Biggs found the dog in Portland in March 2011 on the day he jumped his backyard fence and ran off. She took him home to Corvallis that same day and kept him for about 13 months until Hanson-Fleming happened across her and the dog in Portland last May.

Biggs refused to part with the dog despite rulings from Animal Services and later a hearings officer. She filed a civil suit, seeking ownership.

Last July, the Multnomah County Animal Services director ruled the dog belonged to the Portland man. Biggs was arrested, briefly booked into jail and the dog was taken from her. Hanson-Fleming got him back in October.