Group that helped with Vick's dogs coming to Boise

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - A well known shelter that helped rehabilitate Michael Vick's dogs is coming to Boise to help evaluate the dozens of pit bulls taken from the scene of a triple homicide last week.

BADRAP is a San Francisco based shelter that specializes in pit bulls.

According to the group's website, they are a "nationally recognized resource for both dog owners and shelters, offering desirable pets for adopters, training classes for dog owners and presentations and professional consultations to animal welfare leaders around the country."

A representative from the shelter tells KBOI 2News that they will be in Boise next week to help Humane Society staff sort out the dogs' personalities so they can be matched with foster homes and adoption programs.

BADRAP was one of two shelters that took in several of NFL star Michael Vick's dogs after he was arrested for operating a dogfighting ring in 2007.

The group was able to rehabilitate seven of the dogs to be later adopted out, and they expect many of the pit bulls in Boise will have similar happy endings.

Officials found the pit bulls after discovering the bodies of 61-year-old Brent L. Christensen, 32-year-old Trent Jon Christensen and 27-year-old Yavette Chivon Carter were discovered Friday outside Holbrook, a town of about 400 people just north of the Idaho-Utah state line.

Detectives say the dogs have scars that are consistent with fighting, and there was a dog fighting arena on the property where three people were found dead in their home.

The 63 dogs are currently being held at the Idaho Humane Society in Boise. It's unclear what will happen to the dogs but vets are analyzing their medical conditions.