Group fighting waste-to-power plant sues ID county

BOISE, Idaho (AP) A group fighting a proposed garbage-to-energy plant sued Ada County, alleging commissioners violated the Idaho Constitution when they loaned $2 million to the project's promoters.

Idaho Citizens for a Safe Environment and a Transparent Government, which opposes the plan by a start-up energy company to build a 22-megawatt power plant at the Ada County landfill, filed its lawsuit Thursday in 4th District Court.

The group's 56-page complaint contends, among other things, that the county's $2 million loan to Dynamis to design the plant violates provisions of the Idaho Constitution that limit public indebtedness.

Ada County commissioners including Sharon Ullman have promoted the project to help the county landfill avoid expensive expansion, while producing steady electricity.

But foes fear gasifying garbage as Dynamis proposes is unproven and could produce harmful pollution.