Greenbelt closure will be enforced through education, citations


If you were hoping to hit the greenbelt this weekend; forget about it. Just about all of it through Boise, Garden City, and Eagle is closed. Here's why.

The river remains above flood stage and it is only going to get worse as even more water will be released from Lucky Peak reservoir in the coming days.

According to Boise police and city officials there will be heavy enforcement to keep people off the greenbelt, but it will largely be educational using brochures to inform people why they need to stay away.

The Boise River continues to flow faster than many have ever seen before.

The City of Boise anticipates the water to rush at a similar clip until at least June. So they've closed virtually the entire greenbelt.

"And that's not a decision that we made lightly. I mean this is absolutely an issue of public safety," said Alan Cavener, a retired BPD officer who now organizes volunteers to patrol the Greenbelt. "I've actually cancelled them too because I don't feel it's in their best interest or safety to be out there."

Signs have been posted all over the greenbelt informing people about the closure.

Police say between the signs, education, and warnings they can avoid criminally charging people for walking or biking on the greenbelt.

But if you force them; they'll do it.

"If people are going to absolutely defy the order and go out there and put themselves at risk, they do face the posibilty of being criminally charged," said Cavener.

While some parts of the belt are open, It's recommended to stay off it all together. This way you avoid wandering onto a closed section and possibly putting yourself in harms way.