Government shutdown will not affect new health care exchange

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Although the government is partially shut down the new state exchange program is up and running today.

Uninsured Idahoans can now start shopping around for health care through Your Health Idaho.

Idaho is one of 14 states that opted to set up its own insurance marketplace.

Starting in January everyone over the age of 18 must have health insurance.

Anyone uninsured has until the end of December until they get fined for not signing up.

That fine is $95 dollars the first year or one percent of their taxable income and will go up the following year.

A few people will be excepted from that fine, including anyone who is considered low income and can't afford the insurance, or those who are apart of a federally recognized tribe.

There is some financial support, including tax credits that are available to people eligible, which is mostly income based, but can also be received for certain personal factors.

If you still have questions, in-person or over-the-phone assistants that have been set up by Your Health Idaho are in our area and available to help.

They can be reached at 855-YHIDAHO (9443246).

To sign up for an insurance plan, you can go to and click 'View Plans' for either individuals or a small business, then scroll down and select your state, Idaho, and click 'Apply Now.'

Be expected to come across some delays when applying on the site.

A message comes up before getting to the application page explaining that the increased volume of people visiting the site is making it move slow.