Gov. Otter's pen making progress on hundreds of bills

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- During the 2014 legislative session, we tracked dozens and dozens of bills.

A total of 355 bills landed on Gov. Butch Otter's desk for his action, but we haven't heard what's happened to a lot of them.

So we decided to drop by the governor's office on a whim and see exactly what he's up to.

We had no appointment nonetheless we were politely ushered into the governor's private office where we found him -- signing bills.
When do you expect to sign those public education appropriation bills, we asked.

"Well, as we finish vetting them," Gov. Otter said. "We're making sure we're doing what's intended in those bills."

Throughout the governor's chambers stacks of bills await his pen but Gov. Otter says the documents must be reviewed carefully. A simple spelling error could have unintended consequences.

Each bill carries a time stamp showing when it passed the legislature and when the governor must sign it.

"Well, of course they all become law if I don't sign them on time," Otter said. "But I would rather be in agreement with the legislature and do our homework and do it right rather than have them become law without my signature."

Does he expect to veto any?

"No comment," he said.

But we should get an answer to that question by April 4th, the final day for the governor to sign legislation before it becomes law.