Golfers play through moose tracks

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Golfers at Warm Springs Golf Course had company on the greens. A moose trekked on to several holes as golfers looked on. "It ran right through the golf course across hole number fifteen, five and nine. Kind of ran out some golfers for a little while," Steven Hurd said.

Hurd says that golfers teed off not seeing the moose on the course. "Just right as they hit they say the moose ran across the fairway and almost hit the moose," Hurd said.

Golfers say that when Fish and Game arrived, the moose hit the Greenbelt and there were about twenty people giving chase along the Boise River. Fish and Game says it was a female yearling that may have been spotted around before. They tranquilized her and loaded her up.

Mark Drew, an Idaho Fish and Game veterinarian said, "We been kind of just letting her go because she wasn't doing anything wrong, she wasn't hurting anybody, she wasn't threatening anybody, but on the Greenbelt and on the golf course it's time."

Steven Hurd, who works for the golf course, said that not everyone was going after the moose. One golfer ran the other way. "He was a little frightened because the moose was running right at him and he didn't know what to do," Hurd said.

Fish and Game said they will relocate the moose to a remote area off Highway 21.