Goats used to save a neighborhood from potential fire

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- In the land that the Amnity Road Fire blazed through five years ago, goats are seen grazing today.

Idaho Power rented 250 goats from Rent A Goat to eat weeds that fueld those flames.

"Every time the wind comes up, and we have a replay of all the things that led up to that fire, I start feeling anxious and so do my other neighbors because it could happen again and the only way," said Marti Wiser, a survivor of the fire. "The only control that we have is keeping those weeds."

Flames from that fire burned Marti Wiser's roof and watched as many of her neighbors lost everything.

Wiser is happy to hear that Idaho Power decided to go with a natural weed-control method, instead of chemicals.

A hand crew would have a difficult time spraying in the area south of Amity Rd because of the hilly terrain.

That's another reason Idaho Power chose the goats, because they can get to those hard to reach areas, and they are cheaper.

The goats will spend two weeks in the area and graze through 20 acres.

"There is a chance for fire, so anything we can do to slow that fire down and give the firefighters a chance and give the people a chance to get out if there is a fire and be prepared," said Tim Linquist, co-owner of We Rent Goats.