Girl on 19-mile trek to safety: Dad said 'You can do it, you can do it'

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Two dads and their young kids went for a drive Saturday near Lucky Peak and after getting their SUV stuck in a snow bank, they said they walked 19 miles to find help.

It took the group nine hours to walk to the nearest cabin they could find in Prairie.

John Julian, 38, and his two children, 8-year-old Samantha and 7-year-old Isaac, was with 34-year old Will Murkle and his 10-year-old daughter Megun. They were last heard from around 2 p.m. Saturday. They said they tried to get their SUV out of the snow most of Saturday, but were unsuccessful. They slept in their vehicle overnight and started their walk around 8 a.m. Sunday.

William Murkle said they had no food, no water and weren't dressed warmly. His daughter, Megun, said they filled a water bottle they had with snow melt along the walk and even found a deserted car with cookies inside to eat.

They took breaks about every hour, and the dads used encouragement to get them through it.

"My dad kept pushing me saying, 'you can do it, you can do it," said Megun Murkle.

When they finally found a home along the road, they realized no one was home and continued to trek. But, half a mile later, they found another home, and that time there was a couple inside.

"The people were like, 'wait, are you those people on the TV?' and my dad was like, 'Wait, we're on TV?" the 10-year-old said.

"She happened to be an EMT and took the kids right inside, checked for frostbite and got them all fed and made them some nice hot chocolate and made them feel really good until we got picked up," said William Murkle.

Will Murkle said he's not afraid to go on another ride with the kids, but knows next time he'll have to be more prepared.

"Never forget a winter coat, when you're even planning on not getting out of the vehicle during winter time," said Will Murkle. "Definitely be more prepared for 'what ifs.'"