Get your favorite local cuisine before you even pick up your baggage

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Boise Airport travelers will soon get the chance to eat local. That's because several concession owners with the airport are spending $5.8 million on a 10,000 square foot addition that will add several local restaurants.

Restaurants that will soon serve food and drink will include, Parilla Grill and 13TH Street Pub and Grill from the North End, along with Bardenay; Einstein Brothers Bagels; and Big City Coffee located in downtown Boise, and Cross Grain Brewhouse and Harvest; and Grounds Bakery and Coffee.

Employees and the owner of Big City Coffee said they're excited for the opportunity to open up another store, and said it's perfect they said because locals already stop by their coffee shop many times on their way to the airport.

"We do get people in the morning's a lot who say, 'oh I'm on my way, I'm on a trip,' or 'I'm just visiting and needed to stop by this place because I heard it was so good,'" Employee, Mackenzie Deobald said.

Diobald said since the announcement that Big City will be added to the airport, they've even seen more customers in and out of their downtown shop. And she credits their baked goods for a reason why they were probably chosen to be added to the airport.

"I think we distinguish ourselves with our pastries," Diobald said. "They're all made fresh like a lot of places, but they're so big and such a good deal that people just love to come into us. there are certain things that are stars of the pastry cabinets that people love to eat. that's one of them."

The owner of Big City Coffee, Sarah Fendley, said she uses a lot of local ingredients too, which is something that customers value.

"I think the Boise Airport needs something like this; the local flavor," Big City customer, Tim Wonacott said. "Having people visit our community, it's going to be awesome; give them a taste of what Boise's all about. The idea of supporting local business, you can't go wrong with that."

The project is expected to be finished by October 1, 2014.