Get ready to walk through metal detectors at BSU football games

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Starting this season, Bronco fans will have to walk through metal detectors to go into football games.

It's part of the beefed up security measures going into place after Idaho law now allows guns on campus.

Stadium managers are also asking fans to keep bags at home or if they have to, bring clear bags, which is a policy that the NFL instituted last year. They say that any bag brought through may be searched by security.

Some students don't feel the need for the new security. "Its already enough that they're going to put metal detectors in other areas of the school. it's the result of this gun policy that now Idaho schools are allowed to have guns on campus," BSU student Sean Bunce said.

The state allows for gun owners of an enhanced concealed weapons permit to carry concealed on campus. But all weapons are banned from Albertsons Stadium even if concealed. BSU says the new security will be added because of the new law that allows guns on campus.

Stadium officials say they will work on getting the screening process done quick to keep from having huge jams at the gate. They say that they are one of the first universities to use the NFL type security measures. "I feel like we just don't have that big a security issue to begin with, it was already pretty hectic when you go through the gates," Bunce said.

Stadium management suggest that fans leave bags at home. They say don't bring alcohol, coolers or any weapons into the stadium. They also say this season don't wait till the last minute to get into the game.