Get help figuring out which health coverage plan is best for you

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Uninsured Idahoans can start to enroll for the state health exchange starting Tuesday and also get help differentiating between the many plans.

The new program called Your Health Idaho is causing some confusion, which is why board members of the program came up with an assistance program.

The assistance is free and can be done over-the-phone or in-person.

An appointment for in-person help can be set up by calling 855-YHIDAHO, and they will put you with the closest agent, broker, or trained assistant to you.

"In-person assisters will be able to help navigate through the application process, you know really understanding what some of those questions are, then explain the basics of insurance and the basics of the plan," said Alberto Gonzalez, Your Health Idaho spokesman. "Then the person, if they're comfortable enough, can make a choice for a plan, and they'll help facilitate that enrollment."

If you choose to see an agent or broker, they can recommend a specific plan for you, unlike the in-person assisters, who are there to give guidance and information.

Many people already have health insurance through work, or are covered by Medicaid or Medicare, but beginning in January of next year, everyone over the age of 18 must be covered by a health insurance plan.

There are 146 different plans available to choose from.

If you don't pick a plan, you face a $95 fine the first year, or once percent of taxable income, whichever is more.

That fine then goes up the next year.

There can be financial support for your Idaho health, including tax credits or financial support. This assistance program can also help you figure out if you're eligible for either of those.

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