Get an early start with flu vaccinations

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- This year's flu vaccination has several changes since last year, one being a three-month longer protection time.

"Nowadays, they reformulated it so it can now last nine to 10 months," said Jackoline Livingston, a pharmacist from Ladd Family Pharmacy. "So we're starting to see more patients to get covered a littler earlier than October when it starts hitting, so we start immunizing around September so then it carries them nine to 10 months throughout the season."

There are also options to receive one made without eggs, for anyone with allergies, and another that covers four strains of the flu, rather than the previous one that only covered two or three strains.

"We're fortunate that there are more ways than ever to get vaccinated," said Dave Fotch, CDHD spokesman.

Patients can still choose either a nasal spray or shot. The flu starts in October and can last well into the spring.

It typically lasts three to five days and can spread quickly in classrooms and at work.

It does take a couple of weeks to build antibodies against the flu, so the sooner you get vaccinated, the better.