Gas prices soar in Idaho and around the country

EAGLE, Idaho (KBOI) -- The cost of gas jumped nearly 25 cents per gallon over the past two weeks.

People are beginning to wonder what's going on?

"I drive quite a bit," said Aaron Dittman of Eagle as he fueled up his truck. " It affects me. I'm an appraiser, and put a ton of miles on the car."

So what is happening?

Analysts say gas is going up for two main reasons. Oil prices are rising, and refineries are shutting down."

The American Automobile Association says several refineries are temporarily closing to prepare for the switch to summer gasoline.

"It has the unfortunate side effect of a lower inventory bidding up the price of whole sale gasoline," said Dave Carlson with AAA of Idaho.

Experts say oil prices are rising, partly because the U.S. economy is improving and partly because of OPEC production cuts.

The Lundberg Survey of Fuel Prices released Sunday says the price of a gallon of regular is $3.59.

Midgrade costs an average of $3.75 a gallon, and premium is $3.89.
Diesel was up 12 cents to $4.07 gallon.

Of the cities surveyed in the lower 48 states, Billings, Mont., has the nation's lowest average price for gas at $3.05. Los Angeles has the highest at $4.10.