Gas main break puts strain on neighbors and businesses

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - A gas main break near the Ustick and Five Mile Road intersection in Boise forced some out of their homes and apartments Saturday afternoon.

When construction crews doing road work hit a gas main, firefighters had to immediately evacuate nearby homes, a dollar store and an entire apartment complex.

"Anybody that was in the building was advised to leave," said Boise Fire captain Kendal Smith.

Firefighters say the entire area was in danger of bursting into flames if anything sparked. A small stretch of Ustick was closed to traffic while Intermountain gas made repairs.

Though most businesses in the area were allowed to stay open, owners say they say they still had trouble because of the leak.

"The gas, it smelled really strong earlier so the people came in, and some could not stand the smell. Some walked out, and we had cancellations because of the closed street. They could not come."

It took repair crews about three and a half hours to fix the leak.