Fulcher, Otter make peace, stress GOP unity

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Sen. Russ Fulcher and Gov. Butch Otter, two proud political warriors, made peace Wednesday after a tough primary fight .

Otter emerged the winner but was nowhere to be seen at the Republican bash on election night Tuesday.

"I just didn't want to jinx myself," the governor said, about not making a public appearance. "I was concerned it was so close."

But Republican unity in Idaho was the theme the day after as winners and losers in the GOP primary gathered in a show of solidarity on the steps of the statehouse.

"We're going to work in lockstep to try and make things better," said Fulcher, of Meridian, who gave up his leadership position in the Senate to run against Otter in the primary. "Some of the points I was trying to make during the campaign resonated with the governor and with the people."

Among the winners -- Sherri Ybarra of Mountain Home who captured the Republican nomination for state schools superintendent.

Can she repeat the win in November?

"I have a team ready and in place to help me with that," Ybarra said. "And a campaign trail I'm going to get started on, so I'm going to fight hard."

In the end, the Republican establishment weathered the tea party storm, and the Republican faithful are confident about their prospects in the fall general election.