Fruitland man get 37 years in prison for Molotov cocktail attack

BOISE, Idaho (AP) - A 23-year-old Fruitland man who was convicted in federal court of using Molotov cocktails to torch a business where he'd stolen firearms was sentenced to 37 years in prison Tuesday.

Donovan Bolen was sentenced to 444 months in prison for carrying and using explosive devices during and in retaliation to a federal crime of violence, conspiracy to maliciously use explosive materials, conspiracy to maliciously damage federal property, and theft of firearms.

"Mr. Bolen's conduct merited a lengthy sentence," said U.S. Attorney Wendy Olson in a press release. "His use of Molotov cocktails to divert the attention of law enforcement was unconscionable, endangered the lives of first responders, and destroyed the property of innocent victims. Such conduct will not be tolerated. I applaud the cooperative efforts of state, local and federal law enforcement agencies in this case."

After a five-day jury trial in October, Donovan James Bolen of Payette was convicted in U.S. District Court in Boise on Tuesday of carrying the fiery devices during and in relation to a federal crime of violence in May 2011.

Prosecutors alleged Bolen and an accomplice, 50-year-old David Joseph Vonbargen of Fruitland, used Molotov cocktails to destroy a U.S. Department of Agriculture truck and all-terrain vehicle as well as other properties.

The judge also found that Bolen tried to get a witness to lie to police, and also told his girlfriend to destroy evidence.

Prosecutors say Bolen has been convicted of 14 crimes throughout his life, with his first arrest coming at age six, and his first conviction at age ten.

A trial date for Vonbargen hasn't been set.