Frozen pipes: "All of our heat tapes are all sold out"

BOISE, Idaho - Retailers throughout the treasure valley can't keep up with demand for heating tape and other pipe thawing supplies.

"All of our heat tapes are all sold out," said Ace Hardware sales associate, John Williams.

Williams says heat tape is selling out as soon as it comes in the door and they are having a hard time getting supplies.

"I've heard people saying they have been busting pipes right and left," said Williams.

Tuesday alone, William says he has had over 50 people come in asking about heat tape.

"They just come one after another and there's phone calls, it's an all day process, we're overwhelmed with all the busted pipes," said Williams.

Ace Hardware does have some heating cables left. The problem is, they are all out of the connectors that make the heating cables work.

Some people have been resorting to unusual methods to thaw out pipes and that can lead to catastrophe. A propane heater aimed at frozen pipes caused a house fire Monday in Caldwell.

The city of Boise sent out a warning Tuesday asking people not to use blow torches, heaters or open flames to thaw frozen pipes.

Willams says it just all around smarter to plan ahead.

"It's going to cold once and a while, and keep things wrapped, throughout the year get your heat tape on and you don't have to use them, just get them prepared and wrapped and insulated so you don't have this problem next year," said Williams.

Ace Hardwars is expecting a shipment wednesday morning.